About the Wood Buffalo Regional Library (WBRL)

Welcome to your new library. You might remember us as Fort McMurray Public Library and right now you're wondering what happened to the library you've known since '65. Well, the sixties are over. Say hi to Wood Buffalo Regional Library.

Our Analog Upgrade

If FMPL was like your first digital watch, the WBRL is like a smartwatch and optical head-mounted device that'll plot a course to the International Space Station while you watch a TV show and read a book at the same time (with the option to pause so you can video chat your mom and let her know you'll be late for dinner).

More Social, More Media

To put it simply (because people on the Internet have short attention spans), the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo has developed exponentially in the past few decades. There are tens of thousands of new people in the region who want access to our digital collections, iPads, e-readers, computers, collaborative spaces like the Total Aboriginal Cultural Corner and training and learning opportunities. In order for our new friends and followers to like us both IRL (in real life, or AFK - away from keyboard - the Internet only has time for acronyms) and online, we need new ways of helping you borrow.

Brand New

To sum it up even more simply, the Wood Buffalo Regional Library has one thing to say: Change it up!

We'll get things started with new programming and new technologies designed to help you stay curious and stay informed. One day you might wake up wishing you knew more about fishing villages in Iceland - there's a book for that! As well as the entire Internet to trawl through. Maybe the next day you'll need to know how the Large Hadron Collider works. There's a scientist for that! Access all her findings online or in a scientific journal at WBRL.

The point is that it's easy to make change part of your everyday mantra. It's a way to become more interesting and interested. Like one of our employees who's also a photographer. He didn't just wake up one day with a brilliant eye for balance and composition in every frame. Or another employee who plays the French horn, piano and trumpet. Before she learned to perform any one of Mozart's concertos she learned to embrace change.

It doesn't matter what your story is today or what you want it to be tomorrow, we can be your platform shaping and sharing it. Think of WBRL as your connection to every story ever told. We've already helped thousands of patrons discover something new, satisfy their curiosity for the unknown - change it up. Every month we see more than 25,000 people come through our doors, and we lend out more than 20,000 titles from our collection.

But right now you might be asking yourself how one library is able to reach so many people across a region where some commute to work via sled dog and other via a secure internet connection (and you should be asking yourself that because it's a marvel of our modern times). The only thing you have to remember is that while the world is rapidly changing around us, the WBRL sees that chance as a chance to get more awesome, to be more fascinating for our community of already fascinating people living in a corner of the world unlike any other. WBRL can be your chance to change too.