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All comments from October 2018

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“Please remove the ipad from the kid section and if it is absolutely necessary to have them in library for kids to learn how to navigate then only upload books or educational programs on the ipads."

Thank you for your feedback regarding our Krayon Kiosk Ipad Station located at the front of the Children's Library. 

Many children in our community enjoy the access to technology for entertainment and learning provided here at the Library. Children in our community have varying access to technologies and some may have limited or no access to the internet at home. We at WBRL strive to provide engaging resources, activities and access for all children, reaching a variety of learning styles and entertainment needs through our programs and resources, including technology.  

The space at the back of the Children’s Library is a technology free area, has soft seating, rugs, active play resources and a selection of read aloud picture books that are perfect for reading to your child during a library visit. We sincerely hope you and your family do visit us again soon.

"My kids are in piano study, they are doing exams with Royal Conservatory, last year I requested some books, it came from Calgary after 4 weeks and maximum time of borrow was 4 weeks as well. Their friends have the same problem here in the library, they said no books for sight reading. They request piano books for level 5 and up till level 10."

Thank you for your suggestion. WBRL strives to provide a collection that meets the interests of our community.  To serve a wide variety of backgrounds, creeds, occupations and interests, the Library must have a broad collection. While we provide a small number of piano sheet music books in the collection, we can’t endeavor to purchase specialized books in any one subject area. We encourage you to continue to use interlibrary loan services and we will make every effort to secure books from other libraries, if available.  

"French books to get: Astérix et Obélix, Tintin, and Walt Disney Kids French."

Thank you for your item suggestions. We have a selection of Astérix et Obélix, Tintin, and Disney books in our Junior French collection. If there are specific titles you would like to suggest for purchase, please complete our online form.

"Should get The Dubrow Diet by Heather Dubrow and Terry Dubrow."

Thank you for your item suggestion. The Dubrow Diet is unavailable from our suppliers at this time.