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All comments from May 2018

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"Please get more copies of the Harry Potter books. They have been always checked out and hard to daughter has been asking for them."

Thank you for your suggestion. We have at least one copy of each Harry Potter book and replace copies as they wear out. The books are popular and are often checked out. To secure a copy, you can place a hold through our online catalogue and the book will be set aside for you when it becomes available. 

"French learning DVDs please..(for French Immersion Children)"

Thank you for your suggestion for French learning DVDs. We have a selection of French learning DVDs in our Junior French collection. We also offer a number of French learning videos through hoopla, our online streaming media resource. 

If there are certain DVDs you would like the library to consider, please fill out our online Suggest an Item form

"More LGBT books."

Thank you for your suggestion for additional LGBT books. We make an effort to include a broad selection of LGBT+ books in the library’s collection.

 If there are particular titles you would like the library to consider, please fill out our online Suggest an Item form.

"Could you please purchase One Piece Manga"

Thank you for your purchase suggestion. We have ordered volumes 1-12 of One Piece Manga for the graphic novel collection and may purchase more volumes in the future. 

Additional volumes of One Piece may be available from other libraries through Please visit our Interlibrary Loans for more information. 

"Can we please have longer Craft and Chats."

Thank you for your feedback. We are looking into changing Craft 'n Chat to a monthly program so we can have longer craft time, better quality crafts and also offer different days and times to meet to the needs of our community. If you would like to talk a little more about the changes please feel free to contact the Community Services Manager, Sheri, at 780-792-5149 or by email 

"Hello, I appreciate your hard work to improve the library, but I find putting the tablets in front of the door and without asking for it a little annoying.  My 4 year old always goes straight to play with tablet before anything else.  He used to go check books and play with cars, but he doesn't show any interest after experiencing the tablet games.  I wish you can keep the tablets with reference desk librarian until the kid goes and asks for it.  This way it is going to be controlled and hidden.  Thanks."

Thank you for your feedback regarding our Krayon Kiosk Ipad Stations. We have created a self serve "Technology" area to the left in the Children's Library including this iPad station. A big thank you to Cenovus the generous donation of the Krayon Kiosks which house the 7 iPads available for our youngest patrons to enjoy. This station is very popular.  Many children in our community enjoy the access to technology provided here at the Library, as all children do not have access to these types of technologies at home. We at the WBRL strive to provide engaging activities and equitable access for all children, reaching a variety of learning styles through our programs, educational toys, technology, books and other resources. Based on staff interaction and patron feedback regarding the location of the iPad kiosks over the last few months, we have located the iPads at the front of the library. The kiosks are now in close proximity to soft seating to allow caregivers to sit comfortably while observing and interacting with their children at the iPads, and small tables on which children may elect to play board games and puzzles (which are available at the Reference Desk). The location of the children's iPads makes it a consistent space flowing out of the ComputerWorks area for adults at the front of the library. Based on patron feedback we have created a technology- free dedicated reading space at the back of the children's library. The space at the back of the Children’s Library has soft seating, rugs and a selection of board books and read aloud selections that are perfect for reading to your child.  We hope your family continues to visit the library and to enjoy all the resources our space has to offer.