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All comments from June 2018

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"We need more gay erotica!"

Thank you for your suggestion. Unfortunately, many erotic novels are only published in eBook format, so we are unable to add physical copies to the collection. We make an effort to offer erotica featuring LGBT+ characters on OverDrive and hoopla, our eBook platforms. If you have suggestions for specific titles you would like us to look into please fill out the online Suggest an Item form

"The Star Wars movies & collection in general needs more. Fill in the gaps please."

Thank you for your movie suggestions. We currently have all of the Star Wars movies in the collection except The Empire Strikes Back. Unfortunately, it is not currently available to purchase through our vendors. You may be able to request a copy through other Alberta libraries through TAL (Interlibrary Loans). 

If there are other items you would like the library to consider, please fill out our online Suggest an Item form.

"I would like to thank you all for the support. I have two kids in the summer program and they enjoy being part of the program. Again thanks to all the teachers and I hope this program will continue next year."

Thank you for your feedback! We work hard to ensure the kids in our community enjoys creative, educational, fun programs. It is always great to know both the kids and parents are having a positive experience.

"Summer programming 6-8 year old. The lines get long starting at 12:30 and we wait around just to find out there is no more space.

If the sign up could be on line or over the phone, we can at least know if we are in the program. Maybe people waiting in line can replace no shows. Waivers can still be signed at drop offs.

The long lines are discouraging and so we might not come back at all to any more. As a result, the program is free mainly for the people who know to come over an hour before sign up.

Maybe limit the amount of times each child can sign up so other children can have a turn as well and not just the same kids repeatedly.

The kids get loud and rambunctious with the long wait."

Thank you for your feedback. We have seen the issues with the 6-8 year old summer program sign in. We are working as a team to work out the issues for the rest of this summer. We will be initiating registration for next summer to make the process more efficient for parents and kids.