We’ve got a summer full of fun planned for those ages 9 and older! 

Any community member registered in our Summer Reading Competition will be able to submit a ballot for each book read over the summer for a chance at prizes!

We also have numerous special programs throughout the summer for each age group!

Tweens (9-12yrs)

Tween Wordsmiths (July & August), Comic Book Day, Painting Planters, Hi-Tech Hijinks, Willy Wonka Day, Spy Academy, A Night with the Norse Gods, Battle Pokemon Tournament & Party, and Doughnut Paint Party

Teens (13-18yrs)

Acrylic Painting for Teens (July & August), and Peace Out Summer!

Adults (18+)

NSFW/Adults Only Board Game Night at Wood Buffalo Brewing Company, Book Word Crafting with Julie Rowe, Books and Brews: Summer Slam and Summer Watercolours for Beginners


For more information, please contact either Reference Desk at 780-743-7804/780-743-7073 or