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Did you know that when Cleopatra was dazzling the Romans and seducing Caesar and Marc Antony, the pyramids were already 2500 years old?

Don’t care? That’s fine. What if I told you that Elvis Presley was really a blonde, and dyed his hair black? Or that a US Navy ship once accidentally fired a torpedo at President Franklin Roosevelt? Or that a teenaged Wayne Gretzky used to have to wear a teammate’s jacket after junior hockey games so he could sneak past both his own admirers looking for autographs and the outraged parents of the opposing players?

But maybe you don’t care about that either, you want to talk about the world right now. Maybe you’re wondering what Donald Trump’s childhood was like, or you’re interested in Stephen Harper’s time as Prime Minister, or what’s going on with Justin Trudeau.

Or maybe you care more about what’s happening behind the scenes. Are you curious about the truth behind the Roswell incident of 1947? What’s the truth about Area 51? Who really shot Kennedy?

Hindsight is 20/20 vision, and history is hindsight. We look back at the past to see how we got to the present, and from there we can figure out the future. Whether you’re interested in sports, politics, the military, government cover-ups, entertainment, celebrities, or something else entirely, there’s a history of it somewhere. If you’re interested in reading about a person, check out their biography to really understand them.

Histories and biographies are a roadmap of existence; how we got the way we are now, why the world is as weird as it is, why politicians and celebrities got where they are and believe what they believe.

If you haven’t gone through it yet, make sure to ask our Reference Services team to show you our biography section or walk you through our history section!

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