Shauna and Wylie Return to Japan! & Shauna’s Best Travel Tip

Dear readers, remember back in December when we shared some tips on planning a vacation using free library resources, and I waxed poetic endlessly about my upcoming trip to Tokyo with our library mascot, Wylie?

Well, the trip is upcoming no longer- – for it has already happened!

So, let’s take a gander back to 2019 and see where all of that meticulous planning took us… and scroll to the bottom to see my #1 travel tip!


I can’t cover every wonderful moment of our 18-day trip on this blog post, but here’s a bit of a highlight reel…

Setting up our home-base in Ikebukuro at the Sunshine City Prince Hotel

Getting my nails done for the first time at Studio Avarice (3 hours of delicate brushwork by Akira!)

Snuggling sleepy pigs at MiPig Café in Harajuku

Meeting Pikachu at the Pokemon Café near Tokyo Station

Enjoying delicious Japanese foods and sweets

Getting 3 new tattoos, including a tebori handpoke of my dog, Tegan!

Singing Karaoke with Strangers

Wearing my own designs at the 86th Harajuku Fashion Walk

Riding the Hotaluna to Odaiba

Relaxing with cute snakes at Tokyo Snake Center

Offering my blood to Vampire Rose in Ginza

Scoring an amazing seat at Taemin’s concert in Yokohama Arena

Pounding New-Year mochi with friends in Nakano

Happy-crying during the performance at Shining Moon Sailor Moon Café

Admittedly, Wylie was often out doing his own thing, and I only managed to snap his picture a handful of times.

Here’s Wylie hanging out in the Sunshine City window:

Wandering the busy streets of Ameyoko looking for street food to try:

And here he is anxiously waiting for the Taemin concert to start at Yokohama Arena!

Ready to catch a train:

We also spotted this super-adorable library book-drop from Arakawa City Libraries!

We didn’t waste a single moment of the amazing trip. My feet carried me from place to place, and many blisters were had. Each night I would come home, write in my journal, and then collapse on the hotel bed.

Shauna’s #1 Travel Tip

If you are going on a big fun trip, this is the best travel tip I can offer- keep a journal during your trip, and, no matter how exhausted you are, write in it each night so you can remember what you did that day. Doing this nightly writing will really help to keep the memories alive in the future. Even if you aren’t fond of writing, you can document your schedule and anecdotes in point-form, and keep some double-sided tape handy to insert ticket stubs, candy wrappers (clean ones!), business cards, info clippings, and any other little bits and bobs you come upon. Tokyo has amazing stickers, so I included tons of those in my journal as well.

What better souvenir for a traveler than one overflowing with special personal memories? Now I have a full-to-bursting journal from both my 2017 and 2019 trips to Japan, and I will enjoy revisiting them often.

Happy trails!

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