Art Projects to Do With Your Kids

“I’m not very good at it, but it feels good to have made something.” -Mr. Rogers

Whether it’s working with paint, clay, crayons, or even just gluing paper scraps together, the benefits of doing arts and crafts with your children are undeniable. Practicing art improves coordination, encourages self-expression, improves fine motor skills and promotes the feeling of relaxation. Besides, who doesn’t want their fridge littered with art projects from their little ones? Below are some different ways you can get creative, and a little messy, with your children.

For Budding Baby Artists:
People tend to skip over our littlest patrons when thinking of art projects for children. This craft by Fun With Mama allows babies to be creative with paint bags which allow them to explore paint textures without requiring a bath, and possibly a wall scrub, afterwards.

For the Messy Artist:
Art is a process, and sometimes that process involves making a big mess. For those of you that don’t mind the chaos, Still Playing School has this project on funnel painting, where children use a funnel and acrylic paint to great colourful abstract art.

For the Environmental Artist:
If you’re looking for a way to reuse some of your recyclable materials around the home, My Mommy Style used a glue gun (with help from an adult) to create these recycle robots. Along with the benefits you receive with using recycled material, this project will help to strengthen your child’s imagination and fine motor skills.

For the Inspired Artist:
Introduce your child to one of the greatest artists, Pablo Picasso with this magazine cut out portrait from Learn Play Read that perfectly captures Picasso’s free art style. This project helps children learn of facial features and expressions while getting creative.

 And for those of you who would rather not let their homes get messy with art projects (#apartmentlife), the library has an array of different programs with art components for all ages. Check out our newsletter for more info!

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