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Think of us as pioneers in the sharing economy. You want to borrow not buy content, we have an enormous collection of resources both digital and analog. See where we're going with this? Lending is what we do.

Loans, Holds & Renewals

Borrowing Books

Come in with your library card and sign out all the books you can carry for a three-week period. If you don't finish the material in time you can renew your loan for another three weeks over the phone or in person (maximum three times), as long as no one else has a hold on it.

Can't return the material in time? There's a charge of $0.20/day.

How do you put a hold on a book? If the material you want is already out on loan, you can sign up to be next in line by reserving it online, calling in, or stopping in for a visit. We'll put your name down and send you an email when it's ready for pick up (one-week hold).

Loans & extended use fees for other materials:

  • DVDs/Blu-ray Discs
    • One week, TV box sets eligible for two weeks
    • Borrowing limited to five items at a time
    • May be renewed once
    • Holds limited to ten items at a time
    • Extended use fee $0.20/day per item
  • CDs
    • One week
    • Borrowing limited to five CDs at a time
    • Holds limited to ten CDs at a time
    • May be renewed once
    • Extended use fee $0.20/day per item
  • Video Games
    • Three weeks
    • May be renewed once
    • Borrowing limited to five games at a time
    • Extended use fee $1.00/day per item
  • OverDrive Digital Collection
    • Audiobooks and ebooks available for two weeks
    • Borrowing limited to five at a time
    • Returned automatically, holds possible if available
  • Fun Boxes
    • Three weeks
    • Extended use fee $1.00/day per item
  • Pedometers
    • Two weeks
    • No renewals
    • Extended use fee $10.00/day
  • Heart Rate Monitor
    • Four-hour loan period
    • No renewals
    • Extended use fee $10.00/hour
  • Running Stroller
    • Two-hour loan period
    • No renewals
    • Extended use fee $10.00/hour

Residents in rural communities are eligible for a one-week loan extension on certain materials.


There are convenient drop-off spots at WBRL and in your community to make it easy for you to get your borrowed materials back in time. Find book drops outside:

  • Suncor Community Leisure Centre
  • Michelle's-Your Independent Grocer in Timberlea (251 Powder Drive)
  • Save on Foods in Thickwood (131 Signal Road)

If the drop-off boxes are full please bring your borrowed materials inside the library so we can ensure our staff properly check them back in. You are responsible for the material you borrow until it has been checked in.

Interlibrary Loans

Looking for something that's not in our collections? We can check with other libraries around Alberta to see if we can get it to you. Visit interlibrary loans to get started.