The Alberta Library Card is a reciprocal borrowing program that offers residents of Alberta direct access to the collections of other Alberta libraries participating in the program.

Membership Information:

If you have a current membership in good standing with the Wood Buffalo Regional Library, then you are eligible for your free Alberta Library Card. Upon signing up as a new member of the library, or upon your annual renewal, you will be asked if you wish to participate in this program. You may sign up for an Alberta Library card at anytime, just enquire at the Circulation Services Desk.

Can a person age 17 or under apply for The Alberta Library Card?

Yes. However, a parent or guardian must sign to accept responsibility for the items that the child borrows. Not all participating libraries will allow a person age 17 and under to borrow books. Patrons must abide by the policies and regulations of the participating library and may differ at each library.

Where can I use The Alberta Library Card?
In Fort McMurray, you may use your Alberta Library (TAL) Card at either Keyano College Library or the Wood Buffalo Regional Library.

In the rest of Alberta, you may use your TAL Card at any of the other participating libraries. A brochure listing the participating libraries across Alberta is available at the Circulation Services Desk, or print the list of participating libraries from the Alberta Libraries website.

What can I borrow from other libraries?

Only books can be borrowed using your TAL card unless the lending library has decided to lend other materials. As a TAL card member you must abide by the policies and regulations that are set by the participating library from which you are borrowing library materials.

What do I do if my card is lost or stolen?
If your TAL card is lost or stolen, ensure that you report it immediately to your home library (Wood Buffalo Regional Library) and to all other libraries at which you have registered.

How do I return books that I have checked out from one of the participating libraries?
You may return your library materials to any participating library. That library will note the date returned and will return the library material to its home library. For example: if you check out books from the Edmonton Public Library, you may return them to the Wood Buffalo Regional Library.

Within Fort McMurray you are encouraged to return books to the library from which you borrowed. For example: books borrowed from the Wood Buffalo Regional Library should be returned to the Wood Buffalo Regional Library, and materials borrowed from Keyano College Library should be returned there.

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